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3 Things Everyone Should Always Say NO To In A Relationship

3 Things Everyone Should Always Say NO To In A Relationship

3 Things Everyone Should Always Say NO To In A Relationship

No matter the level of love you have for a man or what people say there are some things no one should ever tolerate in a relationship because some things can never change and you should not confuse your partner being in love with you and being obsessed with you.

Most people often confuse everything and then they either end up suffering theirselves or their partners.

Below are things you need to draw lines to or things you need to say a big NO to in any relationship.


“Cheat!ng can never be a mistake, though, a one time thing can be a mistake some times, Cheat!ng is like the mother of all the problems that can ensue in a relationship, someone who che@ts ones has the potential of doing it all over again and the second time, they will be better at hiding their tracks.

so, take Cheat!ng seriously because the simple act of Cheat!ng speaks volume about your relationship and a person who cheats does not respect the honesty of your relationship or obviously wants more out of it so desperately that they would go ahead and find other ways to get it and secondly, once your trust breaks, it does not recover completely, it will leave you in torturing position making you doubt your partner unconsciously”.


“No one deserves to be tortured or pushed around in any way, there are different kinds of abusive relationships and none is worth putting up with, many people think that their abusive partner will get better with time, the truth is nothing gets better it only becomes worse so whether they are verbally or physically abusing you, whether they are telling you to leave your friends and family for them and constantly belittling you, you should draw the line because before you know it they will start hitting you don’t put your health or safety in jeopardy for the sake of love”.

Partner who blames you for anything that goes wrong in their life:

“At times people always have a hard time accepting their shortcomings, they constantly need someone to take their blame for them, you don’t have to feel otherwise because what happens in their life is as a consequences of their choices, though, they feel that everything they do is perfect only you could make mistakes and every time something bad happened in his life, you are to be blame for it”.



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